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Marshfield Education Foundation will fund 23 grants totaling over $149,000for the 2023-2024 school

MARSHFIELD – STEM, the Arts, English Language Learning (ELL), Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and Physical Fitness were common themes running through grant requests from the Marshfield Public School educators this year. The grant requests very much speak to the time we are in and what is important to the students, teachers, and faculty of the Marshfield Public School District. On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, the Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) will hold our annual grant ceremony and award 23 grants for the 2023-2024 school year totaling over $149,000, the largest sum of grant money ever funded in a single grant cycle. Since its inception, the MEF has awarded more than $1.1 million in grants to the Marshfield Public School educators.

“I [Jeffrey Granatino, Superintendent of Marshfield Public Schools] want to thank the Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) for, once again, generously supporting our educator’s efforts in bringing innovation and creativity into the classroom. With close to $150,000 and 23 grants, students at all levels of the District are going to reap the benefits of the MEF’s largesse.”

Mr. Granatino continued to add, “For over a dozen years, the MEF has played a huge role in the development of teaching and learning in the MPSD (Marshfield Public School District), and we could never ask for a better partner. The efforts of this dedicated team are greatly appreciated by our teachers and staff, and we are a better school district because of the MEF. #WeRMarshfield

John Giberti, President of the Marshfield Education Foundation added, “The MEF's effectiveness continues to reflect the amazing support of our community including families, local businesses, town & district leadership, which makes everything we do possible. We are so proud and lucky to be able to work with our educators to provide funding for innovation and creativity in our classrooms. Surpassing $1.1 million in grants awarded is a great reflection on our community.”

Creativity, innovation, and improving education for the children of Marshfield are at the forefront of what the Marshfield Education Foundation stands for. All five elementary schools, the middle school, and high school will benefit from the 2023 grant cycle. A sampling of grants being awarded by the Marshfield Education Foundation for the 2023-2024 school year include:

  • Anatomage Table – With this innovative, fully interactive dissection tool, Marshfield High School (MHS) students are able to digitally manipulate real life 3D cadavers under varying states of wellness or disease to develop a deeper understanding of how variations in biological structures affect function of the whole organism. MEF is extremely excited to help fund this initiative. We will be only one of about 40 schools in Massachusetts with a table like this.

  • Building On Line Diverse Libraries – As students get involved in more book clubs and read independently, it is important for students to not only see themselves in literature, but have access to quality diverse books and through online, diverse libraries, so students have more access to literature and can form a greater love for reading. This grant will go to Furnace Brook Middle School.

  • 3D Printing Our Way to Proficiency – 3D printers at Daniel Webster School (DWS) and Eames Way School (EWS) will enhance the science, technology and engineering curriculum standards for grades 3-5 through hands-on project-based and inquiry-based learning experiences. Students will learn how to design and build with a 3D printer with the goal of more students achieving a higher score on the Grade 5 STE MCAS assessment.

  • OT Winslow’s Way - This grant will support students at Governor Winslow School (GWS) in the general and special education setting by providing various Occupational Therapy supports and tools that can be utilized and implemented by educators; which will help to reduce the number of students referred to RTI which as a result will strengthen students physical, cognitive, psychosocial and sensory needs and increase overall performance in school.

  • Numbers Make Sense with Rekenrek Tools – This is a district-wide grant to the five elementary schools to support students in grades K-2. The goal is to strengthen students’ number sense and fact fluency skills with Rekenrek tools (number racks).

  • Musical Martinson – Through the use of a variety of instruments, Martinson Elementary is looking to build an outdoor musical station in order to create an inclusive environment for students to explore sound, build, SEL skills and create music.

All other grants for the 2023-2024 academic year include:

  • Easels, MHS

  • Microscope Mania, FBMS

  • Supporting English Language Learners, DWS

  • JR. Lego Masters, Martinson Elementary School (MES)

  • hELLo Pebble Go! (Technology for English language learners) MES

  • Ukulele, DWS

  • Branching Out with the Glowforge, MHS

  • Let’s learn about our world-en francais! FBMS

  • Classroom libraries: Language & Reading=Culture & Identity, FBMS

  • Collaborative School Chess Program, MHS, FBMS, MES

  • Pickleball Y’All, FBMS

  • APE-MOVES, (adaptive PE supports for special education students) FBMS

  • Digital Microscopes, MHS

  • Deep Dive into Historical Analysis, MHS

  • Ramsware Art Display, MHS

  • Removing Barriers to Lifetime Personal Fitness, MHS

  • Rocketbooks: Developing Systematic and Transferable Executive Functioning Skills, MHS

Since its founding, the Marshfield Education Foundation has awarded over $1.1 million in support of 203 grants across the Marshfield Public School district. This wouldn’t be possible without the great support of the Marshfield community and our sponsors who have continuously supported our largest fundraisers, the Marshfield St. Patrick’s Day 5k, Circus Smirkus, and our Fall Giving Campaign.

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