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Each year, we continue to be impressed by the creativity, innovation, and collaborationamongst our teachers and administrators. Their passion and desire to enhance the learningopportunities for their students is evident given the amount of time, energy, and resourcesrequired to plan for and administer such innovative programs. We are proud to continue tosupport these efforts.

This past year the Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) was able to distribute more than$149,000 in support of 23 grants that will impact every grade and school in our district. STEMprograming, the Arts, English Language Learning (ELL), Diversity Equity and Inclusion, andPhysical Fitness were common themes running through the grant requests from the MarshfieldPublic School educators this year. Over the past thirteen years, the MEF, which supportsinnovation and excellence in Marshfield’s public schools, has donated more than $1,140,000in support of 204 grants across the district. On behalf of our members, I would like torecognize the dedication of so many individuals and organizations to make this possible.

To raise the money necessary to fund these projects, we rely on our key fundraising events –our annual Fall Giving Campaign, the Marshfield St. Patrick’s Day 5k, and Circus Smirkus –which would not be possible without so many volunteers and the support of our community.I’d like to thank everyone involved, including our many sponsors and donors. A special thanksto Quirk Cars, Rockland Federal Credit Union, and Roche Bros, without whom our work wouldnot be possible. We recognize there are numerous worthy charitable organizations here intown and we are incredibly grateful for the resources provided in support of our mission tofund projects that promote innovation and excellence in Marshfield’s public schools. We areso very grateful for the efforts put in by so many.

And finally I would like to thank the MEF members, including our Superintendent of Schools,Jeff Granatino, his leadership team and our School Committee liaison, Brigid Boyd, for theirongoing support, enthusiasm and energy. We are very fortunate and eagerly look forward toadvancing our partnership with Marshfield’s educators in the years to come.



Steve Dion
Marshfield Education Foundation

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