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current grants

2023-2024 School Year

Grants awarded by the Marshfield Education Foundation totaling over $149,000 for the 2023-2024 school year include:

  • Anatomage Table – With this innovative, fully interactive dissection tool, Marshfield High School (MHS) students are able to digitally manipulate real life 3D cadavers under varying states of wellness or disease to develop a deeper understanding of how variations in biological structures affect function of the whole organism. MEF is extremely excited to help fund this initiative. We will be only one of about 40 schools in Massachusetts with a table like this.

  • Building On Line Diverse Libraries – As students get involved in more book clubs and read independently, it is important for students to not only see themselves in literature, but have access to quality diverse books and through online, diverse libraries, so students have more access to literature and can form a greater love for reading. This grant will go to Furnace Brook Middle School.

  • 3D Printing Our Way to Proficiency – 3D printers at Daniel Webster School (DWS) and Eames Way School (EWS) will enhance the science, technology and engineering curriculum standards for grades 3-5 through hands-on project-based and inquiry-based learning experiences. Students will learn how to design and build with a 3D printer with the goal of more students achieving a higher score on the Grade 5 STE MCAS assessment.

  • OT Winslow’s Way - This grant will support students at Governor Winslow School (GWS) in the general and special education setting by providing various Occupational Therapy supports and tools that can be utilized and implemented by educators; which will help to reduce the number of students referred to RTI which as a result will strengthen students physical, cognitive, psychosocial and sensory needs and increase overall performance in school.

  • Numbers Make Sense with Rekenrek Tools – This is a district-wide grant to the five elementary schools to support students in grades K-2. The goal is to strengthen students’ number sense and fact fluency skills with Rekenrek tools (number racks).

  • Musical Martinson – Through the use of a variety of instruments, Martinson Elementary is looking to build an outdoor musical station in order to create an inclusive environment for students to explore sound, build, SEL skills and create music.

All other grants for the 2023-2024 academic year include:

  • Easels - Display easels, working table easels and floor easels (MHS)

  • Microscope Mania - 75 Microscopes, rechargeable batteries (FBMS)

  • Supporting English Language Learners - Supporting ELL at DWS aims to increase student accessibility to the curriculum and classroom engagement through the use of traveling iPads with translation apps. (DWS)

  • JR. Lego Masters, Martinson Elementary School - Storage and base plates, figures, sets and wheels for the Martinson Lego club at Martinson for the social/Emotional Program so students can keep their current creations intact for the next time they continue to work. (MES)

  • hELLo Pebble Go! (Technology for English language learners) - Students at MES with an emphasis on ELL students, will utilize PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next to explore leveled, inclusive and accessible informational reading topics related to science, math, technology, biographies, health, history and more. (MES)

  • Ukulele - Playing an instrument is a wonderful and rewarding experience as it teaches hard work, perseverance, team work, creativity, problem solving and builds confidence and is a great way for students to learn to play an instrument as a soloist and in an ensemble. (DWS)

  • Branching Out with the Glowforge - This project will bring student learning to life with long lasting digitally designed and laser printed artifacts (MHS)

  • Let’s learn about our world-en francais!  - Given the importance of motivation, self-confidence, and identity in 2nd language acquisition, French learners will engage with global current events, cultures, curiosities and themes of person interest through the print and interactive news magazine for young French speakers. (FBMS)

  • Classroom libraries: Language & Reading=Culture & Identity - Given the research supporting the impact of authentic Free Voluntary Reading in second language acquisition, as well as the importance of motivation and SEL in world language engagement, Spanish and French learners will explore contemporary target-language literature using classroom libraries specially curated with an emphasis on authenticity as well as on diversity, equity and inclusion. (FBMS)

  • Collaborative School Chess Program - This extracurricular program will create opportunities for older and younger students grades 4-12 to teach one another and learn, and play, the classic strategy game of chess. (This is for chess sets and timers.) MHS, FBMS, MES

  • Pickleball Y’All - Pickleball has become one of the most fast-growing sports around the globe and with multiple locations in our community for residents to play, what better place to learn than in PE class. (FBMS)

  • APE-MOVES (adaptive PE supports for special education students) - Adaptive Physical Education-Modified Opportunity Voyage in Exercise Support. Supportive physical Education and fitness equipment to the special education community in our building and improve the adaptability of full inclusion PE classes (FBMS)

  • Digital Microscopes - Digital microscopes are the cutting-edge technology for capturing and sharing high resolution images and video of specimens under a wide magnification range using laptop and/or classroom computers. (MHS)

  • Deep Dive into Historical Analysis - This grant will support students’ skill development in social studies in regards to reading, writing, and analysis of primary sources. through curated documents specifically to address essential questions of the courses. (this is for DBQ-document based question–binders for world history, US history, mini Q’s in civics and economics) (MHS)

  • Ramsware Art Display - Construction of a cup rack display in teacher common areas to display our Ramsware senior artist mugs. (which the teachers can use for their beverages) (MHS)

  • Removing Barriers to Lifetime Personal Fitness - The fitness equipment provided by this grant will help provide students with the concrete examples and hands-on experience needed to overcome the barriers they face outside of school when attempting to achieve lifetime personal fitness. (Sandbag trainers that can be used in the home setting. No gym membership needed.) (MHS)

  • Rocketbooks: Developing Systematic and Transferable Executive Functioning Skills. The special education department of MHS is exploring modern technology that can foster the development of transferable executive functioning skills in high school and beyond (MHS)


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