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current grants

2021 School Year - Mini Grants

Grants awarded expeditiously as a way to ease financial strain brought on by COVID guidleines:

Throwing Buckets for Clay

Marshfield High School

Jane Zell and Danielle Ruggiero


COVID dictates the use of individual clay supply for each student.  The throwing buckets ensure the safety and care of the clay.  The buckets will enable the use of pottery wheels which are important to the curriculum of the 3D art class.


Phaser Printer for Digital Mixed Media Art

Marshfield High School

Meghan Dinsmore and Michelle Almeida


During the pandemic, the use of digital artwork was a new and appropriate lesson for the art classes this year.  This printer will allow students to create artwork digitally and print it on various surfaces and then add a variety of art materials on top to create mixed media works.


Portfolios for Drawing and Painting Studio Classes

Marshfield High School

Meghan Dinsmore and Michelle Almeida


These large portfolio books are necessary during the pandemic for students to be able to work on their drawings in the classroom and travel home for remote learning.


Hybrid-Learning Art Supplies for Elementary School Students

All Elementary Schools

Kathryn Hahn


Art supplies at home are necessary to provide quality and engaging art lessons while students are at home learning remotely.  These art kits will be sent home with all pre-K through grade 5 students.


Outdoor Classroom

Eames Way School

Lisa Zayac, Tracy Niland, Erika Joyal, Susanne Fantasia, Annie Violissi, Bill Campia


Picnic tables and surf desks will expand the outdoor learning areas for the school and will replace the beach towels now being used for pandemic outdoor classrooms.  These will provide safety during the pandemic and provide optimal mental health benefits as students learn outdoors during and post pandemic. 


Alternative Seating

South River School

Christine Vetrano


Surf Chairs will provide alternative seating for k-5 students in the school especially those that have this accommodation in their individual education plan to help with fidgeting and the need to move from their desk.  These chairs can be placed to accommodate safe spacing during the pandemic, safely cleaned and be moved outdoors.


Hands-On Learning


Nikki Schiro


This will provide multi-sensory hands-on learning tools for the preschool students with varying levels of strengths, needs and interests specifically imaginative play and multi-sensory toys.




Courtney Coutts


This will provide a set of reusable STEM activities/tools for the six preschool classrooms.


Remote Learning Activity Bags


Pam Smith


This will provide materials needed to create items that will go into bags which are currently used in the classroom for use during remote learning during the pandemic.  Ie: ink cartridges, Velcro strips, magnet strips, laminating sheets and personal laminators.


Hands-On Labs

Furnace Brook Middle School Grade 6 science

Sandy Denty


This will provide gloves for every student to participate in daily science labs during the pandemic.


Second Step Program

Furnace Brook Middle School

Lisa Lynch, Scott Madden, Jeanine Smith, Lori Damphousse, Julie Swan, Lou Johnson, Melissa Wilson, Cassandra Heffron, Elizabeth Clancy and Julie Baggia


This on-line friendly program specifically for middle school students will help face the challenges of students who are learning remotely and in the hybrid model.  It will help meet the needs of students who are struggling with anxiety, sadness and other emotions and help with the current academic challenges during the pandemic.


Bring Us Together with books:  Social Justice, Diversity and SEL in Classroom Libraries

Governor Winslow School

Christine Toomey, Karen Antos, Ashley DuRoss, Sally Girouard


These books are the “mirrors” and “windows” students need to learn about themselves or see into the lives of others around them.  In consideration of the current events and world around us as it is in 2020, these books will address tough topics in a meaningful way that promote respect and appreciation, the need for social justice and will engrain in students tools and strategies they can implement in the own self-care.



Virtual Math Learning Tool

South River School

All classroom and Special Education Teachers at SRS


This will provide the iReady Assessment and Personalized Instruction tool for math which will assess the exact level of understanding of each student and then provide a broad spectrum of instruction based on students’ exact areas of need.  This is particularly important during the struggle of hybrid learning.


Video Production goes Virtual and Viral

South River School


These tools will expand the successful video production at South River School to keep all students and teachers in touch during hybrid learning.  The padcaster will help get the news out to all students with professional looking footage and improved sound quality.  It includes a rolling tripod, microphone kits, green screen, teleprompter, remote control and padded backpack


A Bird’s Eye View in 2020 and Beyond

South River School

Paula White


A project-based unit to study birds at home integrating literature, math, language, writing and science.  Students will plant flowers that will attract birds, build a bird house, will write in their journal and share with their classmates and students in the lower grades.


Books Are A-Buzzing

Daniel Webster School

Marilyn McBride


This will increase the classroom libraries with 3 new books every other month so that the students can have current literature to borrow, read and share with their classmates.

2020 - 2021 School Year

Grants awarded by Marshfield Education Foundation for the 2020-2021 school year include:

Social Emotional Learning Expansion of the Fitness Room

Furnace Brook Middle School

Applicants: Sarah Newcomb-Baker, Scott Madden, Salvatore Reale, Ryan King, John Sawyer

Amount Awarded:  $8854

Students at Furnace Brook Middle School will be given an improved visual and physical experience in the fitness room during their middle school physical education years through with the expanded variety of activities that can be offered in this teaching space partially provided by high school students in the On-site Construction class.


New Engineering Career Pathway

Marshfield High School

Applicants:  Salvatore Reale

Amount Awarded:  $6200

This project directly correlates to the new engineering pathway being written at the high school level and will give students opportunities to work with 21st-century tools and machines.


Project-Based Math

Furnace Brook Middle School

Applicant:  Christine Fortin

Amount Awarded:  $400

This grant will provide supplies for a new Project-Based Math class that will be taught starting the fall of 2020, which will connect the real world to the classroom and allow all students of all levels to explore and learn about math in a hands-on student-centered approach.



Music Production/Recording Equipment

Marshfield High School

Applicant:  David Kaminski

Amount Awarded:  $7211

Purchase of equipment to turn MHS’ existing music theory lab into one that can properly support the Music Production/Recording class for 2020-2021.


School Nurse Wellness Promotion:  Having fun while learning healthy habits

District wide

Applicant:  Carolyn Mudge and nurses from all schools

Amount Awarded:  $5622

Wellness impacts learning, therefore, this grant will allow nurses to promote healthy habits and nutrition, safety awareness, and physical activity within their school community resulting in a positive influence on a student’s academic performance and social-emotional learning.


Innovation Station:  From Trash to Treasure

Furnace Brook Middle School

Applicants:  Brie Gaffney and Meegan Molander

Amount Awarded:  $5210

The Glowforge 3D laser printer will not only enhance our technology curriculum and resources but also allow for more student creation, design, and innovation.


Fit Trail

Governor Winslow School

Applicants:  Dawn Backlund, Mark Talacci and Sean Jackson

Amount Awarded:  $25,925

This grant will create a GWS Fit Trail that would directly impact Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), enhance existing curriculum for all grade levels, and continue to build an understanding of the Fitness For Life Philosophy in a natural setting where students, staff, the Marshfield community, and people from surrounding areas are able to take advantage of the unique animals, flora, and fauna the Governor Winslow School campus has to offer.


Clay Extruder

Marshfield High School

Applicants:  Zoey Chapin and Michelle Almeida

Amount Awarded:   $1154

As the ceramics program at Marshfield High School grows, a clay extruder and heat guns will enable students to explore coil building in clay for years to come.


Marshfield High School Interactive Kiosk

Marshfield High School

Applicants:  Meg Hutchinson and the students of Intro to Markerspace

Amount Awarded:  $1850

The MHS Interactive Kiosk will be used to show useful and relevant information (such as the school map, announcements, information about staff, sports/clubs, etc.) to the students of Marshfield High School using an interactive screen that will be accessible to all students on every floor of the building.


Flip the Page Friday

Martinson Elementary School

Applicants:  Megan Holdgate and Chantal Frenette

Amount Awarded:   $6500

Flip the Page Friday will allow all teachers to purchase new books each month using current recommendations and “Book Talks” shared by 5th graders.


Drumming For Fitness

Marshfield High School

Applicants:  Jeffrey Burton, Marybeth Battis, Wendy Wheaton, Gwen Marchand, Greg Levings, Jim Antosca

Amount Awarded:  $1007

Pound Fitness Workout - By using weighted drumsticks, we will increase enthusiasm and excitement for incorporating fitness into our students’ lives.


Promoting Biliteracy for English Language Learners

District wide

Applicants:  Mary Bradshaw, Amy Laputz, Joann Bohorquez

Amount Awarded:  $400

The goal of this project is to provide literacy-rich resources in the homes of English Learners to support English acquisition and to reward language proficiency in a language that may not be offered by the World Language Department of MPSD.


See & Share

Elementary Schools

Applicants:  Cheryl Gleason, Blake Doyle and John Cooke

Amount Awarded:  $4774

Bringing 360-degree video cameras to all of our elementary schools will enable us to take our VR/AR carts beyond consumption to the next level of creation by students and staff



Marshfield High School

Applicant:  Maura Bulman

Amount Awarded:  $5100

The goal of this project is to teach the Spanish language, history and culture through an authentic instructional dance workshop with native Spanish speakers and dancers.


Innovation Station:  Increasing Learning and Student Engagement through Virtual Reality

Furnace Brook Middle School

Applicants: Elizabeth Zimmer, Brie Gaffney, Joe Nalen, Meegan Molander, Sean Baldwin, Ed Boudreau, Aimee Shanahan-Belisle, Kim Delaney

Amount Awarded:  $29,800

By applying augmented and virtual reality into the classroom, teachers can improve student engagement and academic achievement by tapping into their senses so they can see, hear, and ‘feel’ and these experiences will change the way students learn.


Loans That Change Lives   

Marshfield High School

Applicants:  Ashley Stanford, Jeremey Stanford, Megan Ford, Paula Minchello

Amount Awarded:  $750

This grant will provide finance students the opportunity to research and award loans to borrowers in third world countries to start or grow their own businesses while also increasing their knowledge and understanding of social responsibility and having an impact across the globe.

2019 - 2020 School Year

Grants awarded by Marshfield Education Foundation for the 2019-2020 school year include:

Beyond Walls


Applicants: Dawn Backlund and Mark Talacci

Amount Awarded: $7,669

This grant would create an Outdoor Classroom at the GWS, where there would be natural seating and tables, clipboards for writing, portable wifi for students to access the curriculum outside the building. Students can also access this space for quiet play during recess. The community may access this space outside of the school day.

Bacon Book Club


Applicants: Caroline Bacon

Amount Awarded: $750

This grant would supplement the further development of a classroom library of free choice books to support the class assignment to build a love of reading via “The Bacon Book Club.”


Timeless Learning with Sundials


Applicants: Donna Brady, Bariyyah Lawrence, Kim Pollard, & Jennifer Love

Amount Awarded: $4,500

In order to address different types of learning and play on the SRS playground and garden, a large, permanent “human” sundial would offer students a hands-on opportunity to learn science, technology, and engineering as well as apply mathematical concepts to comprehensively explain the natural world around them.


Design and Construction

MHS Grades 10-12

Applicants: Tom Greland

Amount Awarded: $2,500

This grant will fund materials to be used for a student designed and fabricated modular shed that can be displayed (and sold) at the annual Tech Fair.




Applicants: Anne Kelton

Amount Awarded: $2,155

Governor Winslow School students will discover that ukuleles can play harmonies/chords to accompany the melodies that they play and sing every day.


Education through Exploration: Immersion with Augmented and Virtual Reality


Applicants: Christine Lusardi, John Cooke, Cheryl Gleason, Annie Violissi, Stacey Steinbergher, Katy White, Peter Van Buskirk, Jen Fiorentino, & Pam Habel

Amount Awarded: $41,990

AR/VR allows teachers to host virtual field trips in a variety of environments, sparking interest in subject matter and boosting overall engagement, therefore, improving scholastic performance.


Future Ready by Design: Makerspace yr2


Applicants: Aimee McAlpine, Bob Keuther, & Nancy Mullen

Amount Awarded: $4,538

A makerspace at MHS will support the mission of ensuring students develop and enhance communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills by employing the design process across all content areas and promoting a culture of “making” throughout the school.


We’ve Got a Book for You: Collaborative Literacy Resource!


Applicants: Marilyn McBride, Cynthia Bergamesca, Adrienne Robatzek, Christina Karis, Ali Mandile, Beth Farrell, Cindy Firth, & Nicole Mastrangelo

Amount Awarded: $11,650

As our district moves from implementing to sustaining the Reader’s Workshop Model for ELA and Social-Emotional Learning initiatives, this project provides ALL DWS Administrators, Teachers, Therapists, Specialists and Title One Tutors a collaborative area filled with necessary instructional resources that will provide engaging literacy experiences for our students.


Literary Resources for the English Language Learners (ELL)


Applicants: Eileen Murphy, Mary Bradshaw, Amy Laputz

Amount Awarded: $869

As the English Language Learner (ELL) population continues to grow in the Marshfield Public schools, we seek to provide literacy-rich resources in the homes of ELLs. Our goal is to support students and families in acquiring English while maintaining their native language.


Full STEAM ahead with Robotics


Applicants: Cheryl Gleason, John Cooke, & Blake Doyle

Amount Awarded: $16,028

Integrate coding and robotics into ALL elementary classes by piloting three different robotics/coding platforms.


Animal School: Differences, not Disabilities


Applicants: Annemarie Violissi, Jessica Egelstrom, Regina DiMascio, Erika Joyal, Carolyn Magowan, & Kathleen Nielsen

Amount Awarded: $1,511

Using the theme The Animal School by George H. Reavis, the EWS PTO staff will host a fair that will teach students about neuro-diversity (brain-based diagnosis and social-emotional disorders) and other physical disabilities, through interactive lessons that will inspire students to be mindful of diversity and for ALL students to develop positive views of themselves.

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