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2024-2025 School Year

Marshfield Education awards $90,646 to fund 17 grants for the 2024-2025 school year.


On Monday, May 6, 2024, the Marshfield Education Foundation held its Annual Grant Ceremony to honor the educators and faculty which were the recipients of 17 grants for the 2024-25 school year. These grants will impact every student and every school within the Marshfield Public School District.


Building On Line, Diverse Libraries, Year 2

School: Furnace Brook Middle School

As students get involved in more book clubs and read independently, it is important for students to not only see themselves in literature but have access to quality diverse books and through online, diverse libraries, so students have more access to literature and can form a greater love for reading.


Dungeon and Dragons Club

School: Furnace Brook Middle School

The club will be facilitated by Sean Baldwin and Shaun Dodge who share a passion for tabletop role-playing games and recognize the educational value of D&D in promoting various skills and competencies. The grant includes game supplies and a 3D printer for character building.


Creative Living Startup

School: Marshfield High School

New Creative Living class for MALC (multi-age learning center) students to include a combination “elective” to include usual electives and transitional life skills for special education students who don’t always get the usual electives in their schedules. The grant includes home Economics supplies, first aid supplies, yoga mats, art supplies, garden items, and wood kits.


Crafting Clean Chemistry

School: Marshfield High School

Supplies and materials for this project will be used by chemistry students to provide them with the opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience using the skills and knowledge acquired in chemistry class to make soap and possibly package and sell it in the Ram’s Den.


Flex Learning to Support WIN

School: Marshfield High School

This scheduling software program will support the implementation of an intervention block to the daily schedule that provides intervention, extensions and enrichment opportunities for all students.


Robotics Revolution

School: District K –5

Using robots as educational tools in elementary schools can provide a multidisciplinary approach to learning, engaging students in meaningful and enjoyable activities that promote skill development and understanding of complex concepts. MEF funded robots in 2019 and this grant will allow all schools to have robots and provide some additional robots for the younger grades.


Access for All: Incorporating Technology in Physical Education

School: Marshfield High School

The instruction technology provided by this grant will allow the physical education department to develop and present lessons using multiple modalities, while simultaneously allowing the educators to provide opportunities for differentiated instruction and extension activities for students. The grant includes three interactive televisions and mobile stands.


Animate to Educate

School: Marshfield High School

This project aims to provide students and teachers with access to animation software, fostering excitement, interest, creativity and inclusivity in the curriculum.


GWS’s 21st Century Library Media Center

School: Governor Winslow School

This grant will transform GWS’s current library into a truly modern, innovative, and interactive media center where all teachers and students can develop 21st century skills such as creative and collaborative problem solving, communication, critical thinking, global awareness, technology skills and literacy with information and digital media. Includes touch view computer display, headphones, audio lift system, write and wipe tables, cantilever chairs, beanbag seats.


Color Your Creativity

School: Marshfield High School

This grant proposal has the potential to elevate our students’ digital creations from black and white to color, enabling the display of these remarkable projects to inspire a wider audience of students. The grant includes a color printer and ink in the makerspace/library.


Building the Thinking Classroom

School: Furnace Brook Middle School

Reorganization of a classroom so there is more whiteboard space for students to work standing up on non-permanent surfaces in small random groups.


Activities for All-Blacktop Makeover

School: South River School

The outdoor blacktop at SRS will undergo a makeover to become a welcoming area filled with engaging games and activities that promote learning, cooperation, creativity, teamwork, conflict resolution and increased levels of physical activity among students. The grant includes giant Connect 4 and Jenga games, basketball hoops, paint, stencils, and storage bins.


Sculpting Success: Enhancing the AP Sculpture Classroom

School: Marshfield High School

The Sculpting Success grant aims to enrich the growing AP 3D Design course by providing essential resources and innovative materials, empowering students to explore their creativity and reach new heights on their AP portfolios. The grant includes box cutters, cordless glue guns, aprons, tablecloths and pedestals for displaying pottery, pop-up photo booth, self-healing mats.


Collaborative Woodworking Project: Teardrop Camper

School: Marshfield High School

Woodworking students will work in teams to build and power a Chesapeake Light Craft Teardrop Camper and trailer. This would be self-perpetuating as, each year, the camper will be sold and proceeds will be used to buy a new camper kit.


EWS Sound System

School: Eames Way School

During theater productions, poetry readings, author’s teas, and music concerts, the students and teachers will have state of the art amplification equipment needed to hear all of the students’ lines, songs, stories and notes which they have practiced for so long, allowing all of the hard work to be heard.


NoRedInk Premium

School: Marshfield High School

The MHS English department will utilize the diagnostic tools and assessments in to create targeted skills practice for each student, improving their writing skills in line with the English department’s vision of the graduate competency, “write effectively”.


Action Based Learning Kinesthetic Classroom

School: Furnace Brook Middle School

Introducing kinesthetic activities paired with brain-based learning strategies in the classroom setting will provide students at FBMS with an advantage to learn by creating an optimal learning environment, preparing the brain for learning, and reinforcing academic content while building upon and strengthening the 12 foundations of learning readiness. This grant provides furniture for the 6th grade health classroom, and some items for the 7th and 8th grade classrooms, which allows students to move while they learn.


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