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How does MEF decide which grants to fund?

The Grant Committee, under the direction of the Board of Directors, solicits and receives grant applications submitted annually by educators from throughout the Marshfield Public School District.  The Grant Committee reviews the requests, collects information and makes recommendations to the MEF Board of Directors for approval. The grants are awarded based on merit to the five elementary schools, Furnace Brook Middle School, and Marshfield High School.


What types of programs or initiatives are generally funded?

MEF grants impact the educational experience at all levels throughout Marshfield Public Schools.  We fund innovative projects that broaden and deepen student learning, making it more meaningful, memorable and fun.


What are the criteria for funding?

MEF invites Marshfield public school staff to apply for grants to support projects that:

  • Directly impact students and significantly enhance learning.

  • Employ creative methods to enrich the existing curriculum.

  • Support excellence and innovation in teaching.

  • Provide a compelling explanation of the expected impact of the grant.

  • Identify specific expected outcomes for student learning.

  • Are not funded by the School Department budget.


In order to maximize the effectiveness of grant monies, MEF encourages applicants to consider projects that have the potential for broad, long-term impact or replication.  Proposals that embed plans for a range of differentiated learning experiences and/or interdisciplinary collaboration are highly encouraged. The MEF grant program is intended to supplement, not to supplant or replace, public funding of the schools.

MEF Grants
Therapy Dog
STEAM and Adventure Grant
One Book One School
Natures Harmony
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