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Marshfield Education Foundation Awards 11 grants totaling $94,159 to Marshfield Public Schools

Funds will provide virtual reality learning, coding and robotics at all five elementary schools (and ukuleles!), among other innovative educational initiatives

MARSHFIELD – Integrating coding and robotics into all elementary classes, providing Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology to allow teachers to offer virtual field trips, installing a permanent “human” sundial that would offer students a hands-on opportunity to learn science, technology and engineering and math concepts on the playground and the purchase of ukuleles are among the 11 educational grants totaling $94,159 being awarded this week to Marshfield Public Schools by the Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) for the 2019-2020 school year.   Since 2012, the Marshfield Education Foundation has awarded 140 grants totaling over $778,000 to Marshfield Public Schools.

“I want to thank the Marshfield Education Foundation once again for their continued support and generosity,” said Jeffrey Granatino, Superintendent of the Marshfield Public schools. “They are an amazing organization and for nine years they have been rewarding innovation and excellence in the classroom. Their support has not only had an impact on our teachers who wrote the grants, but it has left an indelible mark on the students in their classrooms. To received close to $800,000 in MEF donations over the past nine years is humbling and it reinforces the strong connection our school district has with the community at large. Our teachers do amazing things in the classroom, but with the support of the MEF, they are able to take it to the next level. We cannot thank the MEF enough for their support.”

“Each year, we continue to be impressed by the creativity, innovation and collaboration amongst our teachers and administrators,” said John Giberti, president of the Marshfield Education Foundation. “Their passion and desire to enhance the learning opportunities for their students is evident given the amount of time, energy and resources required to plan for and administer such innovative programs. We are proud to continue to support these efforts.”

Two of the largest grants from the Marshfield Education Foundation advance the Marshfield Public School’s district-wide priority to integrate technology across grade levels and core academic subjects. The largest single grant of $41,990 will fund the purchase of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology and equipment to allow teachers in all five elementary schools to host virtual field trips in a variety of environments, sparking interest in subject matter and boosting overall engagement, therefore, improving scholastic performance. A grant of $16,028 will integrate coding and robotics into all elementary classes by piloting three different robotics/coding platforms.

Learning in the outdoors is another focus of the grants awarded for the next school year. A grant of $4,500 will enhance different types of learning and play on the South River School playground and garden by installing a large, permanent “human” sundial to offer students a hands-on opportunity to learn science, technology engineering and math concepts. The Governor Winslow School will receive $7,669 to create an Outdoor Classroom with natural seating and tables, clipboards for writing and portable wifi for students to access the curriculum outside the building. Students can also access this space for quiet play during recess, and it will be available to the community outside of the school day.

Additional grants being awarded by the Marshfield Education Foundation for the 2019-2020 school year include:

  • Daniel Webster School will receive $11,650 to provide a collaborative area that will provide engaging literacy experiences for students, with a particular focus on advancing initiatives to develop social emotional skills and support English Language Learners.

  • Marshfield High School’s successful Makerspace will receive $4,538 to continue to support its mission of ensuring students develop and enhance 21st century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) by employing the design-thinking process across all content areas and promoting a culture of “making” throughout the school.

  • Marshfield High School will receive a $2,500 grant to fund materials to be used for a student designed and fabricated modular shed that can be displayed (and sold) at the annual Tech Fair.

  • Governor Winslow School will receive $2,155 to purchase ukuleles to help students discover how these unique instruments can play harmonies/chords to accompany the melodies that they play and sing every day.

  • Using the theme “The Animal School” ​by George H. Reavis, the Eames Way School staff, in partnership with the PTO, will host a fair that will teach students about neuro-diversity (brain-based diagnosis and social-emotional disorders) and other physical disabilities, through interactive lessons that will inspire students to be mindful of diversity and for all students to develop positive views of themselves.

  • A grant of $869 will support the growing English Language Learner population in the Marshfield Public Schools by providing literacy-rich resources for students to bring home, further helping students and families in acquiring English while maintaining their native language.

  • Furnace Brook Middle School will receive $750 to supplement the further development of a classroom library of free choice books to support the class assignment to build a love of reading via “The Bacon Book Club.”

The Marshfield Education Foundation is a 501(3)(C) charitable organization that fundraises through corporate and individual donations and from annually-held community events such as the Marshfield St. Patrick’s Day 5K and Circus Smirkus, which will be held July 22nd – July 24th at the Marshfield Fairgrounds. Lead sponsors of MEF events this year include Quirk Auto Dealers, Roche Bros, Orange Theory Fitness, Marathon Sports, Mass Bay Spine and Sport, Attorney J. Michael Shanley and Shoreline Aviation. Lead in-kind sponsors included The Venus, Haddad’s, The Jetty, Outfront Media, Family Crest Catering and Levitate.

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