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Marshfield Education Foundation Awards 16 grants totaling a record $110,759 to Marshfield Schools

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

MARSHFIELD – Expanding the success of virtual reality technology to Furnace Brook Middle School with a new “Innovation Station,” launching a new engineering career pathway at Marshfield High School, new music production and recording equipment and fostering fitness, health and wellness district-wide are among the 16 educational grants totalling $110,759 being awarded this week to Marshfield Public Schools by the Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) for the the 2020-2021 school year.

This year’s total grant funding is the highest amount the Marshfield Education Foundation has awarded in a single grant cycle. Since 2012, the Marshfield Education Foundation has awarded 156 grants totaling over $893,700 to Marshfield Public Schools.

"In any year, the support we receive from the Marshfield Education Foundation fuels tremendous innovation and excellence in our classrooms,” said Jeffrey Granatino, Superintendent of the Marshfield Public Schools. “But in a year when our resources are going to be stretched and tested more than ever before due to the pandemic, the support and generosity of the community and MEF is even more critical and inspiring. I congratulate our teachers for their work developing new and creative ways to engage our students and extend a tremendous thank you to the Marshfield Education Foundation for supporting their work and giving our students exciting opportunities to learn and grow.”

“I’m really proud that our Grant Committee and our Board were committed to ensuring our grants would be awarded in a rigorous and timely manner despite the challenges that all of us are facing during this crisis,” said John Giberti, president of the Marshfield Education Foundation. “Because of their dedication and the generosity of our sponsors, donors and volunteers, thousands of students will be impacted by innovative new programs funded by the Marshfield Education Foundation.”

The integration of technology and learning continues to be a priority for Marshfield Public Schools. The largest single grant of $29,800 will fund a new “Innovation Station” at Furnace Brook Middle School, bringing augmented reality/virtual reality technology and equipment into the classroom to improve student engagement and academic achievement by tapping into their senses so they can see, hear and ‘feel’ the learning experiences. MEF will also award $4,775 to fund the purchase of 360° video cameras for use at all five elementary schools to create their own virtual learning experiences that other students can view with the augmented/virtual reality technology.. Another grant of $5,200 will fund the purchase of a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer for the middle school to encourage design- and project-based learning.

Grants are also supporting MPSD’s strategic focus on the healthy social and emotional development of students. The Marshfield Education Foundation will award $25,925 to educators at the Governor Winslow School to build a“Fit Trail” for all grade levels in a natural setting to enhance the curriculum and social and emotional wellbeing of students. A $5,622 grant is being awarded for a new district-wide initiative led by MPSD’s school nurses: the School Nurse Wellness Promotion initiative will enhance efforts of school nurses to promote healthy habits and nutrition, safety awareness and physical activity within their school communities. And in a collaboration between Marshfield High School and Furnace Brook Middle School, high school students will help to build new equipment for an improved fitness room at the middle with an $8,854 grant from MEF.

Additional grants being awarded by the Marshfield Education Foundation for the 2020-2021 school year include:

  • Marshfield High School will receive a $7,211 grant as one-time “start-up” capital to buy equipment to turn the MHS existing music theory lab into one that can support a formal Music Production/Recording class for 2020-2021.

  • Martinson Elementary School will receive $6,500 for a new literacy program, “Flip the Page Friday,” which will fund the purchase of new books and launch new “Book Talks” with recommendations shared by 5th grade students.

  • Marshfield High School will receive $6,200 to create a new engineering career pathway, giving students opportunities to work with 21st century equipment and support the curriculum being written for this level.

  • The World Language Department at Marshfield High School will receive $5,100 to bring an authentic instructional dance workshop with native Spanish speakers and dancers to students.

  • Marshfield High School will receive $1,850 for MEF’s first student-driven grant to purchase a new MHS Interactive Kiosk and design communications to engage students in school and sports information and activities.

  • Marshfield High School will receive $1,157 for Clay Extruder equipment to enhance the ceramics program.

  • Marshfield High School will receive a $1,007 grant to fund the purchase of weighted drumsticks to launch a new “Drumming for Fitness” workout program.

  • In order to provide finance students the opportunity to research and award loans to borrowers in third world countries to start or grow their own businesses while also increasing their knowledge and understanding of social responsibility, MEF will award a $750 grant to Marshfield High School for a “Loans that Change Lives” program.

  • Furnace Brook Middle School will receive $400 to provide supplies for a new Project-Based Math class that will connect real-world learning to the classroom and allow students to explore and learn about math in a hands-on, student-centered approach.

  • Marshfield High School will receive $400 to provide literacy-rich resources in the homes of English Learners to support the acquisition of the English language and give awards for dual-language proficiency.

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