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Marie Kurmin

Grant COmmittee Chair

What do you do professionally? 

I have been the business owner of Kurmin Kreations for over 30 years. I design, fabricate and install custom window treatments, shades, cushions, pillows and more. 


Tell us about yourself.

My husband Peter and I have been married for 34 years. We have 3 children who all went through Marshfield Public Schools, went to college and are now happy in their own spots around the country and successful in their careers.  My favorite things are to be outdoors—skiing, hiking, sailing, paddleboarding and gardening. 


How did you get involved in MEF?  

I started with MEF soon after its inception and have been involved on the Grant Committee for 12 years.  There was a need for a parent on the Grant Committee and then I never left.  I also wanted to take my involvement as a parent in PTO’s to the next level.  No more bake sales or candle sales—we do road races!


What is your role/responsibilities? 

Currently I serve as the Grant Committee Chair coordinating the grant cycle with the school district’s educators. We promote the process, then read and score the grant applications based on our rubric. We choose which grants to fund based on the MEF’s mission of innovation and creativity in teaching that motivates students to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.

What do you like about being involved in MEF? 

I have been involved in lots of different organizations and have found that the MEF is serious and professional in its operation and mission. It is a pleasure to work with members who are so passionate about the education of Marshfield students. 


What has been the highlight of your involvement with MEF? 

Each year I have the pleasure of awarding funds to educators who are passionate about their gift of educating students. They come up with the greatest ideas to spark the desire to learn in their students. Each May we give away on average $100,000 so these professionals can bring an innovative idea they have to their students. Another highlight of being involved with the MEF was reaching the $1 million mark of giving funds to our educators.

What is your favorite memory from your K-12 education?  

As far as an educational memory goes, it was probably dissecting my pig—Ima. (My girlfriend’s pig was named Ura.)

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