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kevin cedrone

Board Member

What do you do professionally? 

I have been a math and computer science teacher at Thayer Academy for 32 years and the department head for math and computer science for 28 years. I coached boys’ basketball at the JV and varsity level for my first 23 years at Thayer. I've built and led a number of programs over the years, including competitive math and computer programming teams. I’m currently building an entrepreneurship curriculum and program for Thayer students in association with two consulting professors from the MIT Sloan School of Management. 


Tell us about yourself.

My wife, Jennifer, and I have two children, Kyle, who is a sophomore at Boston College, and a daughter, Katie, who is in 9th grade at Thayer. I have lived in Marshfield since the age of two, and my family currently lives five houses away from where I grew up (and where my father still lives). Kyle and Katie both went to GWS for K-5. My sister and brother also live in Marshfield, and all three of us attended Marshfield schools from K-12.  


How did you get involved in MEF?

I was on the Governor Winslow School Council for a number of years when my children attended GWS. Karen Hubbard and Scott Borstel (former Marshfield Superintendent), who were both on the GWS School Council and significantly involved with MEF asked me to consider becoming involved with MEF. I was offered a MEF Board position in the fall of 2016.  


What is your role/responsibilities?

I am a Board member and I am on the Grant Committee.


What do you like about being involved in MEF?

I became involved with the MEF because I appreciated how much the MEF had contributed to the education of GWS students, which both my children significantly benefited from. Public school systems can sometimes have a hard time being innovative because of the budgetary limitations. Thus, MEF fills a crucial role in helping to bring innovative education to MPS students by supporting motivated, curious, and thoughtful MPSD teachers and staff. 


What has been the highlight of your involvement with MEF?

Seeing the grants come to life has been the highlight of my involvement with MEF. It's impossible to walk through any of the Marshfield elementary schools, FBMS, or the high school without seeing a large number of programs and spaces that MEF grants have funded. It's amazing to think that MEF has provided over $1 million in grant support over the years.  


What is your favorite memory from your K-12 education?

My favorite memories from my K-12 path in the Marsfield schools revolve around energizing and meaningful educational experiences with so many teachers and staff, examples being Mr. Hern (MHS, AP US History), Mr. Hubbard (Grace Ryder principal), and Mrs. Martha Erickson (GWS, 2nd grade teacher). What I've learned professionally over the years is that education really takes hold when there is a strong relationship between students and teachers. Teachers who teach with passion, innovate, and connect well with students have the ability to become a strong presence in the lives of young people.   

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