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Katie O'mara


What do you do professionally? 

I teach English at Pembroke High School.


Tell us about yourself.

 I have lived in Marshfield for 16 years with my husband Brian and our two daughters, Lucy and Maeve, who both went to DWS and then FBMS. We live in the Rexhame area and love to pedicab down to the beach in the summer or walk our dog Bear down to the river in the off season. 


How did you get involved in MEF?

I got involved with MEF through Heather Tucker and quickly went from at-large member to shadowing for the Grant Committee to MEF Secretary.


What is your role/responsibilities?

I am currently the Secretary for the MEF. 


What do you like about being involved in MEF?

I really enjoyed learning about the process that each possible grant goes through to be chosen by the MEF.


What has been the highlight of your involvement with MEF?

I was excited to be a part of the ceremony where grants were announced. 


What is your favorite memory from your K-12 education?

My favorite memories from my education were probably talent shows or field days.

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