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Marshfield Education Foundation Awards 11 grants totaling $94,159 to Marshfield Public Schools for the 2019-2020 School Year

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In 2019-2020 we will be distributing more than $94,000 in support of 11 projects, including coding and robotics programing, reading & literacy resources, augmented and virtual reality and a CAD design and construction project at MHS. Since 2011, the MEF, which supports innovation and excellence in Marshfield’s public schools, has donated more than $778,000 in support of 140 grants impacting students across the district. On behalf of our Officers and Board of Directors, I would like to recognize the efforts made by so many individuals and organizations, to make this possible.

Each year, we continue to be impressed by the creativity, innovation and collaboration amongst our teachers and administrators. Their passion and desire to enhance the learning opportunities for their students is evident given the amount of time, energy and resources required to plan for and administer such innovative programs. We are proud to continue to support these efforts.

To raise the money necessary to fund these projects we rely on our many sponsors and donors, without whom none of this would be possible. We recognize there are numerous worthy charitable organizations here in town and we are incredibly grateful for the resources provided in support of our mission to fund projects that promote innovation and excellence in Marshfield’s public schools.

The majority of our annual fundraising is the result from our two main events, the St. Patrick’s Day 5k and Circus Smirkus. It takes many volunteers including our tireless committee leaders and members to make these events a success. We are so very thankful for the efforts put in by so many to help make these grants come to life.

And finally I would like to thank the MEF’s officers and board of directors, including our Superintendent of Schools, Jeff Granatino, his leadership team and our School Committee liaison, Brigid Boyd, for their ongoing support, enthusiasm and energy. We are very fortunate and eagerly look forward to advancing our partnership with Marshfield’s educators in the years to come.


Grants awarded by MEF for the 2019-2020 school year include:

Beyond Walls


Applicants: Dawn Backlund and Mark Talacci

Amount Awarded: $7,669

This grant would create an Outdoor Classroom at the GWS, where there would be natural seating and tables, clipboards for writing, portable wifi for students to access the curriculum outside the building. Students can also access this space for quiet play during recess. The community may access this space outside of the school day.

Bacon Book Club


Applicants: Caroline Bacon

Amount Awarded: $750

This grant would supplement the further development of a classroom library of free choice books to support the class assignment to build a love of reading via “The Bacon Book Club.”

Timeless Learning with Sundials


Applicants: Donna Brady, Bariyyah Lawrence, Kim Pollard, & Jennifer Love

Amount Awarded: $4,500

In order to address different types of learning and play on the SRS playground and garden, a large, permanent “human” sundial would offer students a hands-on opportunity to learn science, technology, and engineering as well as apply mathematical concepts to comprehensively explain the natural world around them.

Design and Construction

MHS Grades 10-12

Applicants: Tom Greland

Amount Awarded: $2,500

This grant will fund materials to be used for a student designed and fabricated modular shed that can be displayed (and sold) at the annual Tech Fair.



Applicants: Anne Kelton

Amount Awarded: $2,155

Governor Winslow School students will discover that ukuleles can play harmonies/chords to accompany the melodies that they play and sing every day.

Education through Exploration: Immersion with Augmented and Virtual Reality


Applicants: Christine Lusardi, John Cooke, Cheryl Gleason, Annie Violissi, Stacey Steinbergher, Katy White, Peter Van Buskirk, Jen Fiorentino, & Pam Habel

Amount Awarded: $41,990

AR/VR allows teachers to host virtual field trips in a variety of environments, sparking interest in subject matter and boosting overall engagement, therefore, improving scholastic performance.

Future Ready by Design: Makerspace yr2


Applicants: Aimee McAlpine, Bob Keuther, & Nancy Mullen

Amount Awarded: $4,538

A makerspace at MHS will support the mission of ensuring students develop and enhance communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills by employing the design process across all content areas and promoting a culture of “making” throughout the school.

We’ve Got a Book for You: Collaborative Literacy Resource!


Applicants: Marilyn McBride, Cynthia Bergamesca, Adrienne Robatzek, Christina Karis, Ali Mandile, Beth Farrell, Cindy Firth, & Nicole Mastrangelo

Amount Awarded: $11,650

As our district moves from implementing to sustaining the Reader’s Workshop Model for ELA and Social-Emotional Learning initiatives, this project provides ALL DWS Administrators, Teachers, Therapists, Specialists and Title One Tutors a collaborative area filled with necessary instructional resources that will provide engaging literacy experiences for our students.

Literary Resources for the English Language Learners (ELL)


Applicants: Eileen Murphy, Mary Bradshaw, Amy Laputz

Amount Awarded: $869

As the English Language Learner (ELL) population continues to grow in the Marshfield Public schools, we seek to provide literacy-rich resources in the homes of ELLs. Our goal is to support students and families in acquiring English while maintaining their native language.

Full STEAM ahead with Robotics


Applicants: Cheryl Gleason, John Cooke, & Blake Doyle

Amount Awarded: $16,028

Integrate coding and robotics into ALL elementary classes by piloting three different robotics/coding platforms.

Animal School: Differences, not Disabilities


Applicants: Annemarie Violissi, Jessica Egelstrom, Regina DiMascio, Erika Joyal, Carolyn Magowan, & Kathleen Nielsen

Amount Awarded: $1,511

Using the theme The Animal School by George H. Reavis, the EWS PTO staff will host a fair that will teach students about neuro-diversity (brain-based diagnosis and social-emotional disorders) and other physical disabilities, through interactive lessons that will inspire students to be mindful of diversity and for ALL students to develop positive views of themselves.

The Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) is a private, independent, nonprofit organization with the unifying goal of enhancing the quality and character of our community by identifying, promoting and funding worthwhile educational programs and initiatives in the Marshfield public schools.

The Marshfield Education Foundation, Inc.—or MEF, for short—is a 501(c)(3)  charitable corporation which raises funds through corporate grants, individual donations, and various fundraising projects and activities. With these funds, we make grants to support innovative and worthwhile classroom projects, teaching strategies, and special programs in the Marshfield Public Schools, and to support the purchase of education-related technology and other educational materials for the Marshfield Public Schools—pursuant to a rigorous and objective grant application/grant review process. Our purpose is to serve as an engine for innovation, opportunity and excellence in the Marshfield Public Schools, by identifying, promoting and funding—with privately-raised funds—promising educational initiatives and programs throughout the entire school system.  The MEF was launched in the spring of 2010 by a broad and diverse group of local  parents, educators, business owners and community leaders. 

Fund IconFunding Grants



How does MEF decide which grants to fund?

The Grant Committee, under the direction of the Board of Directors, solicits and receives grant applications submitted annually by educators from throughout the Marshfield Public School District.  The Grant Committee reviews the requests, collects information and makes recommendations to the MEF Board of Directors for approval. The grants are awarded based on merit to the five elementary schools, Furnace Brook Middle School, and Marshfield High School.


What types of programs or initiatives are generally funded?

MEF grants impact the educational experience at all levels throughout Marshfield Public Schools.  We fund innovative projects that broaden and deepen student learning, making it more meaningful, memorable and fun.


What are the criteria for funding?

MEF invites Marshfield public school staff to apply for grants to support projects that:

  • Directly impact students and significantly enhance learning.
  • Employ creative methods to enrich the existing curriculum.
  • Support excellence and innovation in teaching.
  • Provide a compelling explanation of the expected impact of the grant.
  • Identify specific expected outcomes for student learning.
  • Are not funded by the School Department budget.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of grant monies, MEF encourages applicants to consider projects that have the potential for broad, long-term impact or replication.  Proposals that embed plans for a range of differentiated learning experiences and/or interdisciplinary collaboration are highly encouraged. The MEF grant program is intended to supplement, not to supplant or replace, public funding of the schools.

transport-report-iconApplying for Grants


Who can apply?

Teachers, school administrators or other school staff may apply. Each grant application must be approved by the principal of the school where the proposed project would be implemented.


Who reviews the grants?

Initial review is by the Grant Committee, currently composed of five members, pursuant to objective review criteria as outlined in a detailed 2020-2021 assessment rubric. Final approval is made by the full Board of Directors of the Foundation.


How do I apply?

Click Here to download a PDF of the 2020 Grant Application.


Applications due March 3, 2020

Deadline: Grant applications must be received on or before 11:59PM, March 3, 2020. One electronic copy submitted to and one paper copy via interoffice mail to the Superintendent’s Office with all the proper signatures on the cover sheet.

Marshfield School District
Office of the Superintendent
76 South River Street
Marshfield, MA 02050


Applicants notified and awards made?

Applicants will be notified in late April and the award ceremony will tentatively take place on May 4, 2020.


Example Grant Application 1

Example Grant Application 2

Example Grant Application 3

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