About MEF

The Marshfield Education Foundation (MEF) is a private, independent, nonprofit organization with the unifying goal of enhancing the quality and character of our community by identifying, promoting and funding worthwhile educational programs and initiatives in the Marshfield public schools.

The Marshfield Education Foundation, Inc.—or MEF, for short—is a 501(c)(3)  charitable corporation which raises funds through corporate grants, individual donations, and various fundraising projects and activities. With these funds, we make grants to support innovative and worthwhile classroom projects, teaching strategies, and special programs in the Marshfield Public Schools, and to support the purchase of education-related technology and other educational materials for the Marshfield Public Schools—pursuant to a rigorous and objective grant application/grant review process. Our purpose is to serve as an engine for innovation, opportunity and excellence in the Marshfield Public Schools, by identifying, promoting and funding—with privately-raised funds—promising educational initiatives and programs throughout the entire school system.


When was the MEF started and what are its goals?

The MEF was launched in the spring of 2010 by a broad and diverse group of local  parents, educators, business owners and community leaders. Our goal is to identify and help fund exemplary educational initiatives and programs in the Marshfield Public Schools, and to eventually build an endowment, which will allow for the perpetual making of grants with less reliance on annual fundraising activities.


Who makes up the MEF?

Our 10-member Board of Directors (eight full members and two non-voting members) meets several times per year to manage and direct all MEF activities. Board members serve three-year terms, with “staggered” elections to ensure continuity and “institutional memory.” We also have a eight officers and committee members who are elected to two-year terms, and who handle the day-to-day operations of the MEF. The directors and officers are all members of the Marshfield community, and many are parents or grandparents. Our supporters and contributors include a broad cross-section of the community as well as local businesses and the greater Boston business community.